Carry us all through the summer

by Flamingeaux

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These songs are too long, an exercise in monotony and pentatonic scales, mostly recorded late in the evening when my kids were asleep.

© 2012 Strange Recordings

All songs written and performed by John Flamingeaux

Train Ride undoubtedly starts with a Presley citation, rather meant in a Morrison way, of course. Lions on the Shore is even clearer a musical accompaniment to excerpts of The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

Mastered by Fabian Tormin

Cover photography by Alexander Hotze


released April 1, 2012

No guests this time, all done single-handedly, for better or for worse. Lots of thanks go to Tom & Schöne Töne for letting me record drum overdubs, Inge and Yessian Music for helpful test runnings, Björn Scheffler for distinctly spotting the blues rock, Karin Ploog for map mop bap bop, Ollie Samland for his beautiful old lap steel, Markus Geiger for a plastic bag of percussion goods, Jöphi for the microKorg and the congas, Mike Gilmour for lending me his bass on a long term basis, Andreas Seefeldt for the nice archtop, Isi for his snare which I nearly used, Alexander Hotze for the relaxed cover shoot session, Fabian Tormin for 0dB and exquisite frequency juggling and of course Cathy, Mia & Mari for inspiration and tolerance, for time and lack of time, I love you!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Train Ride
Yes, there's a straight and a narrow, and its existence does also imply the unspoken right after the brushwood.
Track Name: Lions on the shore
Lyrics - of course - by Hem (Der alte Mann und das Yeah!). Please don't sue, as I'm not charging anything.